B9. Are ships that do not go on international voyages covered by the MLC, 2006?

The MLC, 2006 applies to all ships irrespective of their tonnage or the nature of their voyage other than ships which navigate exclusively in inland waters or waters within, or closely adjacent to, sheltered waters or areas where port regulations apply. However, there is some flexibility which can be applied by a flag State regarding the application of particular requirements based on the gross tonnage of ships and voyages. For example, the requirement for certification (in addition to inspection) of working and living conditions on a ship is not mandatory for ships less than 500 GT that do not go on international voyages or voyage between foreign ports. In addition, a determination can be made under Article II, paragraph 6 [see B7.]. Ships or seafarers that do not go on international voyages are not required to comply with some of the requirements for English language versions of documents such as medical certificates under the MLC, 2006.

Questions about the workers and the ships covered by the MLC, 2006