B1. Who is protected by the MLC, 2006? B2. Does the MLC, 2006 apply to entertainers and hotel service staff? B3. Does the MLC, 2006 apply to cadets? B4. What ships does the MLC, 2006 apply to? B5. When is a ship considered to be “ordinarily engaged in commercial activities”? B6. What are “sheltered waters”, etc.? B7. Can a ratifying country make exemptions from certain provisions of the MLC, 2006? B8. Is there a general tonnage limitation on the application of the MLC, 2006? B9. Are ships that do not go on international voyages covered by the MLC, 2006? B10. Are ships that exist at the time the MLC, 2006 is ratified by a country excluded? B11. Does the MLC, 2006 apply to smaller ships, such as ships below 200 GT? B12. Does the MLC, 2006 apply to offshore resource extraction or similar vessels? B13. Does the MLC, 2006 apply to yachts? B14. Who is the shipowner under the MLC, 2006? B15. How can a national authority make a determination if there are no national organizations of shipowners or seafarers?