B7. Can a ratifying country make exemptions from certain provisions of the MLC, 2006?

Exemptions are possible to a limited extent and only where they are expressly permitted by the Convention (most of the permitted exemptions are found in Title 3, on accommodation). For ships that must be certified, this information must be set out in the ship’s on-board MLC, 2006 documentation [see B4.].

In addition, for ships less than 200 GT that do not go on international voyages, a country may (under Article II, paragraph 6) determine that it is not reasonable or practicable at the present time to apply “certain” details of the Code [see A9.] and cover the subject matter of those provisions by different provisions under its national law. This determination must be made by the government in consultation with the shipowners’ and seafarers’ organizations concerned. Information about any national determinations that have been made must be communicated to the Director-General of the ILO. National information that has been communicated by ratifying countries is available under the “MLC database” on the ILO MLC, 2006 website at: www.ilo.org/mlc 43 .

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